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Do you want to explore this amazingly beautiful world full of surprises and adventure?  If yes then you are in the right place. We are here to fetch the best possible plan for you to enjoy your holiday.

Biman Bari- your most reliable place to set your travel plan all in one place.


As a travel agency, we have 10 years of glorious tradition to serve the people of Bangladesh. We have been devoted to serving the traveler and tour lover since 2010 in various sectors. Now in this pandemic time, we have redesigned our services with new and vast dimensions with a new outfit and new name, mission, and vision. Together we build up our dream to explore the world with a different eye.

Biman Bari, as a Travel Agent achieved a license & We are known for our standard of services, reliability, and ultimate flying comfort.

1) Care. 2) Efficiency. 3) Cooperation. 4) Consistent learning. 5) Contribution to the nation’s economy.


As a Travel Agency primarily we manage travel plans and help our clients to enhance travel experience with our extraordinary service and support. We aim to be the most Preferred Travel Agency among the travelers of Bangladesh. With impeccable standards of service and reliability. One of our Mission/goals is to set ourselves the pinnacle of standards and we deliver on our promises. We are committed to every step in sha Allah.


Our Vision is to:

Customer experience with expertise service provided by professional and dedicated employees. Maintain incomparable standards of hospitality service. We manage almost every type of travel needs and make our clients comfortable to explore the world and enjoy the beauty of the earth. We provide tailored and personalized, cost-effective travel experience to suit your unique requirements, be it an exclusive corporate event, confidential meeting/conference, investor hospitality, wedding or a grand getaway with friends.